Why a Gold Monogram Necklace?

If you are looking for a great piece of jewelry to add to your collection, allow us to suggest a gold monogram necklace. Why? Besides being personalized, you get to wear gold, which is a highly durable metal and quite attractive too. See why gold is the metal to go for.

Why Gold?

It’s a non-reactive metal: Gold doesn’t react to air, moisture and unlike other metals, it doesn’t corrode. This means that it will not tarnish and can be worn through all weather conditions.

It’s easier to work with: Did you know that making jewelry using gold is much easier that using other metals? Gold is extremely malleable as it easily bends to reshape. If you are making your own jewelry, this metal will give you an easier time. It’s a soft metal and easy to polish too.

It has color variants: A lot of people are naïve when it comes to gold. They assume that the metal is limited in terms of its color. Colored alloys of gold are available and mostly mixed with copper and silver. The color range could be anything from a deep, copper pink to silver white. While not many consider these alloys as the purest form of gold, they still posses the same lasting shine, hypoallergenic nature and are quite valuable.

It lasts longer: Gold is valued for good reason. It is not only resistant to tarnish, but also long lasting. A solid gold monogram necklace will serve you a long time.

It’s more valuable: As you already know, gold is more valuable than most metals and you can consider your gold jewelry an investment. It will not lose value and you can sell it off after a couple of years. The fact that this is a monogram necklace makes your jewelry even more valuable due to the personalized touch.

Understanding Gold Karats Gold Name

First of all, you must understand that pure gold is mixed with alloy metals. It makes it easier to work with as it can be very soft. Below we give you a breakdown of the percentage of pure gold you will find in various karat weights.

10 karat – 41.7 pure

12 karat -50% pure

14 karat – 58.3% pure

18 karat – 75% pure

22 karat – 91.7% pure

24 karat – 99.9% pure

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