‘There’s something magic’: New arcades opening in Madison amid strong gaming culture

Arcades, a youth staple for some children during the 1970s and 1980s that wound down with the multiplication of home computer game frameworks, have made a rebound the nation over and in Madison with a couple of varieties.

Nearby arcade proprietors state it’s the sentimentality acquiring individuals. Grown-ups need to think back about their youth days in arcade game rooms, and a considerable lot of those equivalent grown-ups now have youngsters to acquaint with the decades-old computer game cupboards.

Nerds Mania

Russ Micke, left, and Liz Hirsch, both of Madison, race powerboats in the arcade game “H2Overdrive” at Geeks Mania Arcade, where players pay a passage expense and can play any game without additional expense.


A few arcades, especially the game room at Rossi’s Pizza and Vintage Arcade, 4503 Monona Drive, in Monona, still work on 25-penny game play. A solitary quarter can get your character going on games like Galaga, Space Invader and Burger Time.

Be that as it may, different arcades — including Geeks Mania, 6502 Odana Road, and two new arcades opening this spring, Nerdhaven Arcade, 203 Cottage Grove Road, and Vintage Vault Arcade, 2018 S. Stoughton Road — state they need to make it simpler for a newcomer to play without stressing whether their quarters would be all around spent learning another game. The three have level expenses at the entryway letting players wander among many games and give one a shot for a couple of moments or a couple of hours.

“We needed to take out that worry of ‘What amount of cash do I have? Am I acceptable at this game?'” Geeks Mania co-proprietor Kyle Bailey said.

Grown-ups as it were

These arcades aren’t just for kids, however one arcade in Madison made a space only for grown-ups to play.

To enter I/O Arcade bar, 720 Williamson St., you must be in any event 21 years of age. The bar, claimed by Mitchell Turino, is stuffed with arcade cupboards just as a line of pinball machines, and a completely loaded bar with pivoting mainstream society themed mixed drinks lines the back divider.

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Jay Carr, of Providence, Rhode Island, plays pinball at I/O Arcade Bar.


I/O isn’t simply the principal arcade bar — Turino was motivated by one he visited in Ohio — however it is the first in Madison.

“The gathering has been astounding,” Turino said. “We pack many individuals in here consistently.”

I/O has around 45 arcade games on the floor with in excess of 20 others away, which Turino scoured online deals sites to discover. He even purchased a pickup truck to pull the game cupboards he purchased. He said the farthest he’s gone to purchase a game was Des Moines.

“There’s many individuals that adored these games and didn’t have a spot and a grown-up space to play them,” Turino said.

Only a quarter

I/O’s games are coin worked, some costing only one quarter for every play. All the games at Rossi’s are likewise coin worked.

Proprietor Ross Parisi said he inclines toward the single-quarter, coin-worked model for arcades since individuals can spend only a couple of dollars playing their preferred games.

Strolling into Rossi’s resembles making a stride back in time. Parisi made a climate at the café and arcade directly from his adolescence, with marked banners of popular entertainers.

“Not to brag, yet the Rossi’s vibe bests,” Parisi said.


Makenzie Milestone, 11, of Oregon, steps on the proper square as she tracks with to the music for “Move Dance Revolution” at Geeks Mania Arcade.


To Parisi at Rossi’s Pizza, it bodes well that arcades are picking up fame again — playing Galaga encompassed by different gamers is characteristically more fun than playing alone on a support at home. Furthermore, he can tell that even the children nowadays are having some good times in the arcade room than they would have on their folks’ iPad or mobile phone. my arcade

“At the point when they’re finished playing those games, they don’t go around shouting, ‘That was the best thing on the planet,'” Parisi said.

‘Something enchantment’

Like Geeks Mania, NerdHaven Arcade — possessed by Adam Wood and John Karalis, who both used to be associated with Geeks Mania — will have everything except its pinball machines open to play with the acquisition of a section ticket. The pinball machines, which are in a room at the passageway of the arcade, will be set to coin activity.

Wood and Karalis said this zone is for the players who simply need to play two or three games at that point leave just as for the players who might be sufficiently gifted to play for an hour or more on only a few quarters. They didn’t need those players to feel ripped off.

The two own the many games in the space and have been deep rooted gamers. They needed to bring the arcade experience to more individuals.

“They’re only some wooden boxes with a TV in them, however there’s something enchantment,” Wood said.

Regardless of the natural rivalry of possessing separate arcades, Turino said every business fills an alternate need. I/O is for grown-ups just, Geeks Mania and NerdHaven both have comparative models however are on inverse sides of town, and Rossi’s offers coin-worked play.


Aislinn Bartholomay, left, and Joe Hanson, both of Madison, play Atari Pong, which is implanted in a table, at I/O Arcade Bar.


He said he doesn’t feel any ill will when discussing different proprietors.

“There’s a great deal of brotherhood around computer games,” Turino said.

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