How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Estates Shutters Cost Calculator

New window shade costs are for the most part directed by size and materials, with custom and handcrafted screens getting more. The following is our cost estimator which gives normal evaluating for each size window.

Estate Shutter Prices

Estate screen costs go from $145 to $347 per window relying upon the size and material picked. Wood screens cost $200 to $350 per window, artificial or composite shades cost somewhere in the range of $70 and $260, and PVC or vinyl shades cost $100 to $300 per window. By and large, estate screens cost $20 to $45 per square foot to introduce.



Size/Type Wood Vinyl Faux Wood

16 x 20 $177 $73 $39

24 x 50 $300 $200 $145

36 x 54 $497 $305 $235

36 x 60 $552 $336 $261

42 x 48 $516 $315 $243

48 x 44 $540 $327 $255

Extravagance Living Room With Plantation Shutters Installed

Cost To Install Plantation Shutters

The expense to introduce ranch screens is $20 to $45 per square foot with most property holders burning through $100 to $200 for an expert to introduce a couple. Work costs rely upon your area and the contractual worker’s overhead and outstanding task at hand.

Temporary workers normally approach estimating and limits not accessible in home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. The expense for a jack of all trades or window treatment expert to introduce a couple of estate shades is:

Wood: $250–$300

Vinyl or PVC: $91–$131

Fake or Composite Wood: $156–$181

Introducing inside screens isn’t really a direct procedure, and you’ll need to take numerous estimations to guarantee the correct fit to your windows. Itemized directions accompany the shades, as they should be leveled and moored. In some cases a wood outline is required, contingent upon the sort of establishment.

Estate screens can be introduced inside the window outline or outside in around 45 minutes, however it sets aside extra effort for a pre-visit to quantify the windows, and it can take two specialists when working with heavier shades.

Exquisite Living Room With Wood Plantation Shutters Installed

DIY Plantation Shutters

When buying and introducing manor shades yourself, you’ll spare around $100 per window on work or more if the jack of all trades has a base charge for work and travel costs.

Shades are ordinarily sold on a square foot premise. To compute the area of every window, start by duplicating the width of the window by the tallness, at that point separating by 144 to get the absolute square feet. Notwithstanding the expense of the shades (see table above), you’ll likely need screws, pivots, shim, magnets/gets, fasteners or terminations, and caulk, coming to approx. $30 (albeit a tropical storm lock can cost about $50).

In the event that you have some involvement in family unit DIY ventures, become all around familiar with the establishment directions that accompany your screens, and ensure you have the best possible instruments and supplies before beginning. Ranch shades can be overwhelming, and they are introduced to be a lasting piece of your home’s inside, so they should be introduced appropriately.

Lady Admiring Her New Plantation Shutters In Home

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Artificial Wood Shutters versus Wood Shutters

Artificial wood costs roughly 50% of what it would cost to purchase genuine wood screens. A 30 x 40 sets of basswood manor shades will cost $307 uninstalled, while a couple of false wood screens for a window 30 x 40 will cost $145 introduced. In any case, there’s a whole other world to consider than the cost when buying for long haul use.


Material Pros Cons


Lighter so simpler to introduce

Increasingly solid


Scratch and blur safe

Less expensive


Not all composites are reasonable for painting

Constrained scope of shading choices


Can be recolored or painted

Boundless shading decisions

Sustainable asset

Increasingly costly

Not as tough

Requires time and cash spent on support

Defenseless to termites

Heavier and increasingly hard to introduce

Not flame resistant

Wood Plantation Shutters Cost

Wood ranch shades regularly cost $200 to $350 per window with costs running from $177 to $540 per window relying upon the size. A couple of shades for a window estimating 23 x 32 in brilliant oak will cost $92 introduced. Mahogany screens for a window 35 x 54 will cost $228 introduced.

For a long time, manor screens were produced using wood as it were. Wood shades are ideally made of basswood—the best quality level of ranch screens. Basswood is a hardwood that is exceptionally lightweight and straight, with a fine surface and an extremely unpretentious grain. It sands to a fine completion and is appropriate for painting or recoloring. It is likewise an inexhaustible asset, making it an eco-accommodating alternative. While exorbitant, it will keep going for a long time without twisting or getting weak.

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